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Festive Folks isn’t just another fashion brand; it’s a vibrant celebration of life. Alpna Swarup’s journey, starting with her education in Fashion Design at NIFT, New Delhi and her work experiences with renowned names like Ritu Kumar, Pearl Academy, Anokhi, SNDT, and Fabindia, is the strong foundation of a brand that effortlessly blends style and culture. Her successful entry into Festive girls’ clothing paved the way for Festive Folks, a brand that elegantly combines tradition with modernity. Every piece in our collection reflects our founder’s deep understanding of the global fashion landscape.

Alpna brings you a range of vibrant, minimalist styles that can seamlessly transition between different fashion moments and social settings. Festive Folks is all about the perfect blend of tradition and function, offering unique designs that capture the essence of exploration and inclusivity. We warmly invite you to embark on this remarkable journey with Festive Folks, where culture and style come together in a joyful celebration.


We design and produce all our products

Reflective Designs

We design to elevate your style and compliment your lifestyle

Curated Fabrics

We choose our fabrics for both durability and comfort.

Top Quality Product

We perform stringent quality checks to ensure a perfect product.

Customer Feedback

Alpna’s attention to detail and her sense of style and cut has been perfect for me. I look forward to owning more of her outfits in the future.

Gayatri, Bangalore

I have worn Alpna’s creations for over a decade. I love the fit, the quality of the material and the fact that I am sure I won’t bump into another person wearing the same clothes.

Sangeeta Mathur, Mumbai

I find Alpna’s designs practical, comfortable, elegant and versatile. So simple yet they make you stand out.

Amrita, Singapore

Simple and chick. Fits any occasion from office hours to special dinners or casual day out with friends. Love them.

Sarika Samant, Mumbai

Alpna’s is a clothes brand that I have worn for a long time .What I particularly like is that the styling is in the little details in tailoring, and sizing is just perfect.

Sudipta Mukherjee Mandal, Mumbai

Quality fabrics and comfortable stylish cuts ,and quirky detailing make this one of my favorite brands!

Gopa De

Extremely good quality material is used. Very comfortable and at the same time festive. The color combinations are vibrant. (Girls’ Festive-wear)

Sonam, Mumbai

Best Features

We celebrate a mix of traditions in a modern context.

Our designs resonate with the essence of exploration.

Our aesthetic resonates with diverse tastes and perspectives.

We embrace inclusivity, both in our designs and in our work ethic

Our silhouettes are classic but the vibes are always on trend.

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