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Meet the coolest gift on the block!

For busy people who want to give awesome presents.

Hola, Friends!

Festive Folks is your one-stop shop
for easily customisable illustrated goodies.

Take a tour below or dive into the deep end with us
in our weird and whacky little universe.

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How it Works

The only three steps you need to become everyone’s favourite gifter.

  1. Pick a Theme

    Start with a customisable print of your choice.
    Pick your favourite designs from our extensive gallery! We’ve got all you need for extra special and everyday celebrations.

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  2. Add your characters

    Add your characters (in just a few clicks!)
    Go wild with our extensive library of illustrated hairstyles, accessories and sartorial quirks. Top it off with a personalised note.

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  3. Ship your Masterpiece

    Et voilà! All done.
    Behold your majestic creation! It comes framed & gift-wrapped for maximum present-opening joy!

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Who We Are

Welcome to the Festive Folks Universe!

Festive Folks was founded in 2017 with the mission of ridding the world of mediocre gifts. We create easily customisable illustrated goodies that won’t break the bank.

The Kookenheim Museum is Festive Folk’s HQ. It’s in here that we amass & preserve a collection of rare, illustrated art pieces focused on the ultimate happiness of humanity.

Our collection showcases the works of our active artist residency programme, the great Grand Maestro Zalbadore Thali.

Things can get a little bizarro on this side of town, but if you know anyone who regularly talks out loud to themselves or sings epic off-key solos in heavy traffic — high five!

Always happy to welcome a kindred spirit
to the Festive Folks community.

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